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Get to know Madison

Not just a city: your playground, your campus, & your home away from home.
Nestled between two stunning lakes and adorned with beautiful biking paths and nature trails, Madison offers an inspiring mix of academia, culture, and outdoor adventure. Feel the pulse of the city in the vibrant local hot spots, packed with a unique mix of eateries, shopping venues, and buzzing nightlife. Our location puts you smack-dab in the heart of it all, minutes away from the University of Wisconsin – Madison campus, and a short jaunt from the iconic State Street.
  • restaurant interior with multiple tables and booth seating

    Eno Vino Downtown

    18 min walk
    Hours: 4pm-12am (Mon-Thu), 4pm-1am (Fri-Sat)

    Johnny Delmonico’s Steakhouse

    19 min walk
    Hours: 5pm-9pm (Tue-Sun)

    Rare Steakhouse

    12 min walk
    Hours: 4pm-9pm (Tue-Sat)

    The Statehouse Madison

    15 min walk
    Hours: 7am-2pm/5pm-10pm (Mon-Fri), 9am-2pm/5pm-10pm (Sat-Sun)

    Cento Madison

    10 min walk
    Hours: 4pm-10pm (Mon-Fri), 10am-2pm/4pm-10pm (Sat), 10am-2pm/4pm-9pm (Sun)

  • College friends walking together on a nature trail

    FlannelJax Madison

    17 min drive
    Hours: 11am-10pm (Wed), 11am-11pm (Thu-Sat), 11am-8pm (Sun)

    Vitense Golfland

    16 min drive
    Hours: 8:30am-10:30pm (Mon-Thu), 8:30am-11pm (Fri), 8am-11pm (Sat), 8am-10pm (Sun)

    University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum

    15 min drive
    Hours: 9:30am-4pm (Mon-Fri), 12:30pm-4pm (Sat/Sun)

    University Ridge Golf Course

    25 min drive
    Hours: N/A

  • 3 college students huddled together laughing at something on a phone

    Bassett Street Brunch Club

    1 minute walk
    Hours: 8am-9pm (Mon-Thu), 8am-12am (Fri-Sat), 8am-8pm (Sun)

    Belair Cantina

    16 min walk
    Hours: 11am-10pm (Mon-Wed), 11am-11pm (Thu-Fri), 10am-11pm (Sat), 10am-10pm (Sun)

    Tornado Room

    15 min walk
    Hours: 5pm-10pm (Sun-Tue), 5pm-11:45pm (Wed-Sat)

    The Old Fashioned

    15 minute walk
    Hours: 11am-9pm (Mon-Thu), 11am-10pm (Fri), 9am-10pm (Sat)

  • dining table at intimate restaurant setting


    19 min walk
    Hours: 4pm-11pm (Tue), 11am-11pm (Wed), 11am-12:30am (Thu-Fri), 10am-12:30am (Sat), 10am-5pm (Sun)

    Tipsy Cow

    18 min walk
    Hours: 11am-12am (Mon-Thu), 11am-2:30 (Fri-Sat)


    19 min walk
    Hours: 4pm-11pm (Tue), 11am-11pm (Wed), 11am-12:30am (Thu-Fri), 10am-12:30am (Sat), 10am-5pm (Sun)

    Coopers Tavern

    12 min walk
    Hours: 11am-11pm (Mon-Wed), 11am-12am (Thu-Fri), 10am-12am (Sat), 10am-11pm (Sun)

    Settle Down Tavern

    19 min walk
    Hours: 4pm-9pm (Mon), 11:30am-9pm (Tue-Thu), 11:30am-11pm (Fri-Sat)

  • two college girls walking downtown smiling with one giving a piggy back ride to the other


    17 min walk
    Hours: 5pm-8:45pm (Tue), 11:30am-1:45pm/5pm-8:45pm (Wed-Thu), 11:30am-1:45pm/5pm-9pm (Fri), 9am-1:30pm/5pm-9pm (Sat), 10am-2pm (Sun)


    15 min walk
    Hours: Temporarily closed

    Marigold Kitchen

    18 min walk
    Hours: 7am-3pm (Mon-Fri), 7am-2pm (Sat), 8am-2pm (Sun)

  • person cutting a pizza with a pizza cutter

    Ians Pizza – State Street

    11 min walk
    Hours: 11am-10pm (Sun-Wed), 11am-2am (Thu), 11am-2:30am (Fri-Sat)

    Raising Canes

    7 min walk
    Hours: 10am-12am (Sun-Wed), 10am-1am (Thu-Sat)

    Taco Bell – State Street

    7 min walk
    Hours: 11am-12:45am (Mon), 9am-12:45am (Tue, Wed, Sun), 9am-1:45am (Thu-Sat)

    Tornado Room (Late Night Menu)

    15 min walk
    Hours: 5pm-10pm (Sun-Tue), 5pm-11:45pm (Wed-Sat)

    Insomnia Cookies

    7 min walk
    11am-1am (Mon-Wed), 11am-3am (Thu-Fri), 12pm-3am (Sat), 12pm-1am (Sun)

In the center
of it all

VERVE Madison’s desirable location puts you close to all the fun, excitement, and action of downtown, as well as popular outdoor recreation activities. Not to mention, just a quick walk to UW-Madison University! Outside of class, you can head into downtown and enjoy local locales like the Dane County’s farmer’s market, book a hot yoga class, or explore the Washburn Observatory.

Let’s do it

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